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Elixir For Life

Lengthen your years, starting with this one simple tip: drink more tea. Delicious, low-calorie and brimming with antioxidants, tea is one of the most commonly enjoyed beverage by centenarians around the world, second only to water.

Our Tea Selections

Black Tea

Premium Black Tea

White Tea

Premium White Tea

Green Tea

Premium Green Tea

Exotic Blends

Premium Exotic Blends

New Arrivals

Blue Tea

Benefits of Blue Tea:

-Helps in Digestion

-Helps in Detoxification

-Beautification and Brain booster

Oolong Tea

Benefits of Oolong Tea:

-Boosts Heart Health.

-Cancer protection

-Lowers risk of Diabetes.

White Tea

Benefits of White Tea:

– Cancer protection

– Anti Aging Properties.

– Lowers risk of Diabetes.

– Weight Loss

Rose Oolong Tea

Benefits of Rose oolong Tea:

-Boosts Heart Health.

-Cancer protection

-Lowers risk of Diabetes.

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